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Oct 2, 2012 6:00pm PDT
as a law student at harvard. video at a press conference where obama says nothing news worthy. that was explosive tape, not at all. last month it was the drudge report, which means the romney c campaign, it was them again dousing themselves in gasoline and pulling the fire alarm as what was hyped as outrageous video of president obama saying he believes in redistribution. specifically it was that he believes essentially in the progressive tax code that we have had in this country for a time period that's more easily measured in centuries than in individual years. again, not exactly a bomb shell. now they are dousing themselves in gasoline and hitting the fire alarm all over again over a video of president obama speaking as a candidate in 2007. in this video, which the right is very excited about tonight but which has been available online since 2007, mr. obama, then a candidate, acknowledges the presence in the room of his former pastor from chicago, reverend jeremiah wright. steve smith was part of the strategic team in 2008 when they decided that they would not attack barack
Oct 3, 2012 1:00am PDT
changing the law in order to do that? but what's the next best thing? maybe you can't win legally, but maybe you can get the word out. if you can be confusing enough about it, maybe you can forget the law. by virtue of intimidation or at least confusion. here's how it works in the great state of mississippi. in the great state of mississippi this past november, a referendum passed saying people couldn't vote without documentation. that many thousands of mississippi residents do not have. yesterday the department of justice told mississippi that given the special scrutiny that state earned under the voting rights act for many years of suppressing the black vote, given that special scrutiny, the justice department said no to this new proposed law in mississippi. or at least they said not yet. this law is at least not going election in mississippi. you're not going to have to show i.d. to vote in mississippi. the worry here was that because thousands of mississippi legal voters don't have the i.d. that would have been necessary under the new law, this new law would have kept dispropo
Sep 29, 2012 3:00am PDT
university poll out this week asked about the forced ultrasound law passed by republicans in the legislature in virginia this year, signed into law by the republican governor in the state, bob mcdonnell. virginia voters opposed that law by 17 points. the anti-abortion crusade that has been undertaken this year by republican-led state government in virginia is not popular in virginia. and now virginia women are prepared to take it out on the presidency, right? they're planning to vote against the republicans' candidate for president in their state by 18 points. and that was the context for a really important move made by virginia's republican attorney general this week, a move that could be important for the presidential race in virginia. this week the attorney general certified a new set of regulations targeted only at abortion clinics in the united states. these rules are not just for oral surgeons or plastic surgery centers, just targeting abortion providers. it's red tape that is specifically designed to make it economically impossible to operate an abortion clinic in virginia. that's wha
Oct 1, 2012 6:00pm PDT
that the republicans haven't been able to find very much voter fraud to justify all the laws so they decided to create some themselves. that's one of the sort of terrible down sides of this. if they use this as an excuse to e say, we need these tough voter i.d. laws because you made the essential point. there were two broad points of view on this. one is we're so worried about fraud we're going to make it really hard for a lot of people to vote or that the whole process is supposed to make it easy for people to cast ballots. and that the worst thing they did was to destroy people's voter registration forms. but i don't remember anything like this except acorn. and i think this is where we're going to have to ask our conservative friends. they went nuts over acorn, the progressive group having bad registrations. acorn itself, by the way, had called the attention of voter registrars to the fraud themselves. they disciplined themselves. and yet this was a big scandal and acorn lost a lot of money and had to go out of business. why isn't this the same thing for conservatives given what they did? >> the th
Sep 27, 2012 4:00am EDT
is obviously part of a big increase in purges and changing the voting laws in states where republicans are in control in order to make it harder to vote this election. are you confident that democrats hs id t g that off well. that. don't agonize, organize. we have to go out there and shine a bright light on it, so the puic knows the immorality of putting up barriers to voting. it's just plain wrong. but apart from tha okay,e know that's wrong. in iridilousate is but what we have to do is make sure that every person who is eligible to vote gets the i.d., goes through the motions, is registered to vote, and their vote is counted as cast. because this thing keeps going. counted asast. that's very important. it's part of what they're doing. suffocate the airwaves with endless, unidentified special interest money, suck the air out of the air waves. suppress the vote with these regulations and laws thathey have passed, and the other way sese vote is to help people -- it's no use even going, you're not going to be able to vote, it's a turnoff. what else is a turnoff is their poisonous campai
Sep 27, 2012 12:00am EDT
with these regulations and laws that they have passe and the other way they suppress the vote is to help people -- it's no use even going, you're not going to be poisonous campaign.tnoff if you suffocate the airwaves, suppress the vote, poison the debate, people throw up their hands and say, i don't even know if want to participate in this. and when they walk away, right, thinking people walk away, t special interests achieve a or so we have to keep the campaign positive, about what our president could do, in the case of elizabeth warren, in case of our democrats, how this could be different and was different when we were in the majority, with a democratic president and a republic preside. soaiongo, organize. early voting is a good way to overcome some of the obstacles there, establishing. governor scott is ridiculous beyond words in what he is trying to do to his own people. they're afraid of the people. d htoprthid otheir votes. we have to overcome that. because by winning, we winning we can prove them wrong in their tactics. and by winning, we can -- i have a dare. win -- the first day we're ther
Sep 25, 2012 6:00pm PDT
for early voting almost in half. yesterday a federal judge removed the last hurdle to florida's new law. it's true. florida voters are going to have fewer days this year when they can cast a ballot this big. even though the ballot they have to cast is totally, unprecedently giant. a new poll from the florida times union finds the president with a slim lead over mitt romney in florida. the lead is built on support from african-american voters and hispanic voter who is are going for obama by 32 points. a new report from the nonpartisan advancement project details legal changes put in place by republican state officials for this election. changes that it will make it harder to vote in those states. voter purges and curtailing early voting and making it harder to register and showing documentation and that not all legal voters have, voting changes have made vote iing har in ways the advancement project says could keep ten million latino citizens from registering. in the swing states of colorado, florida, and virginia they affect more hispanic voters than the entire margin of democratic victory
Search Results 0 to 26 of about 27 (some duplicates have been removed)